SMA Platform

SMA Platform Technology

The next generation for efficient and scalable investment management

A Separately Managed Account (SMA) allows wealth managers to implement investment strategy changes across a number of client accounts simultaneously, reducing the administrative burden and ensuring all clients are treated equitably.


Professional management

Provide your clients with both professional investment management and beneficial ownership of underlying assets.

Appropriate models

You can choose from risk-graded, multi-asset, and multi-currency model portfolios.

Scalable proposition

Determine your clients’ risk, select an investment strategy. That’s it!

Specialist solutions

For clients needing Sharia-compliant investment solutions or US-compliant tax reporting


Reduces time spent on administration

  • Praemium’s award-winning technology provides the most accurate and up-to-date valuations available.
  • No need for client permissions when portfolios are updated.
  • Client portfolios are always accurate, you don't need to manage this.
  • Never rebalance again! Portfolios are always in line with each other and with the model portfolio.

Enables a customised proposition with no extra cost or effort

  • Bring the manager to your clients - insource the services of an experienced investment manager.
  • Change investment managers without any disruption to your clients.
  SMA Managed funds Direct shares
Transparent Y X Y
Lower brokerage costs Y N/A X
Customisable/flexible Y X Y
Access to professional managers Y Y X
Beneficial ownership Y X Y
Lower compliance burden Y Y X
Licensee visibility and control Y Y X

Saves cost by aggregating trades and eliminating unnecessary rebalancing

  • Praemium’s unique Dynamic Modelling eliminates the need for quarterly rebalancing to bring accounts back into line, thus investors are in line with each other and with their model and there are no unnecessary trading costs.
  • Further, because of Praemium’s aggregated trades we provide one of the lowest industry brokerage rates available.

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