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The Praemium SMA has a diverse suite of Model Portfolios from a number of leading fund managers and research houses.

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September Monthly performance

ACBC Fixed Income No. 1 Portfolio - XT0001  
ANZ Cash Plus Fund - AN0099  
Assure Invest Moderate Growth - AI0001  
Assure Invest High Growth - AI0002  
Ausbil Dexia Limited Active Equity – AD0001  
Ausbil Dexia Limited Emerging Leaders - AD0002  
Baillieu Holst SPS Growth - BH0001  
Baillieu Holst SPS Income - BH0002  
Bennelong Australian Equities Fund - BE0002  
BlackRock 200 Growth - BR0012  
BlackRock Concentrated Australian Share 1 - BR0001  
BlackRock Concentrated Australian Share 2 - BR0003  
BlackRock Equity Yield Focus - BR0005  
BlackRock Financials - BR0008  
BlackRock Index - Top 20 - BR0002  
BlackRock Property Securities Index - BR0007  
BlackRock Resources - BR0011  
BlackRock Value - BR0010  
Blackmore Capital Australian Equities Income - BL0001  
Blackmore Capital Blended Australian Equities - BL0002  
Canaccord Australian Income - CA0002  
Canaccord Blended Australian Equities - CA0001  
Chimaera Index Enhanced Franked Income - CH0001  
Discovery Financials - DI0001  
Discovery Growth - DI0004  
Discovery Resources - DI0003  
Discovery Value - DI0002    
Elston Australian Equities - EL0001  
InvestSense CPI+2 Diversified - IN0002  
InvestSense CPI+3 Diversified - IN0003  
InvestSense CPI+4 Diversified - IN0004  
InvestSense CPI+5 Diversified - IN0005  
iShares Aggressive - BR0105  
iShares Balanced - BR0103  
iShares Conservative - BR0101  
iShares Growth - BR0104  
iShares Moderate - BR0102  
Kingfisher Capital Partners Australian Equities - KC0001  
Lonsec Core - LO0001  
Lonsec Diversified Direct Balanced - LO0003  
Lonsec Diversified Direct Growth - LO0004  
Lonsec Diversified Direct High Growth - LO0005  
Lonsec Emerging Leaders - LO0006  
Lonsec Income - LO0002  
Market Matters Active High Conviction SMA - MM0001  
Market Matters Active Income SMA - MM0002  
Magellan Global Equities Fund - MG0001  
Magellan Global Equities Fund (Currency Hedged) - MG0002  
Marcus Today SMA - MT0001  
Marcus Today Equity Income SMA - MT0002  
MCTDF Mutual Cash Term Deposit Fund - MC0001  
Morningstar Balanced - IB0008  
Morningstar Moderate - IB0009  
Morningstar Conservative - IB0010  
Morningstar Diversified Income - IB0001  
Morningstar Global Shares - IB0003  
Morningstar Growth - IB0007  
Morningstar High Growth - IB0006  
Morningstar High Growth Plus - IB0005  
Morningstar Australian Shares Income - AE0002  
Newport Global Absolute Return - EA0002  
Perennial Value Australian Shares - PE0002  
Perpetual Direct Equity Alpha - PP0001  
Ralton Australian Shares - RA0005  
Ralton High Yield Australian Shares - RA0006  
Ralton Leaders - RA0008  
Ralton Smaller Companies - RA0007  
Shaw Australian Equities Large Cap - SP0001  
Shaw Hybrid Income - SP0002  
Shaw Debt Securities Income - SP0003  
Shaw Australian Equities Large Cap Income - SP0004  
Shaw Australian Equity Large Cap Growth - SP0005  
Shaw Australian Small/Mid-Cap Growth - SP0006  
Shaw International Equity - SP0007  
Shaw Balanced - SP0008  
Shaw Income - SP0009  
Shaw Growth - SP0010  
Sterling/Clime Conservative/Pension - SR0010  
Sterling/Clime Balanced - SR0011  
Sterling/Clime Balanced Income/Pension - SR0012  
Sterling/Clime Growth - SR0013  
Sterling/Clime Australian Equities - SR0014  
UBS Concentrated Australian Equities - UB0001  

Use these tools and checklist to complete your clients' 2017/18 tax returns.

Below you will find instructions on how to access your clients' portfolio tax report and ensure that their tax information is up to date. We have also provided a guide to the SMA tax report that includes component definitions and ATO tax return labels.


Tax Reporting Checklist (for further details see Tax Reporting Tools below)
1. Listed Trusts Confirm that the relevant ASX-listed trusts for your clients' portfolios have been finalised.  
2. Tax Lot History   Ensure that all tax lot history that relates to in-specie transferred stock is updated.
3. Online Tax Reports  Download your clients' tax report summary.
4. Tax Summary Guide   Download and refer to the Tax Summary Guide from our EOFY FAQ page to assist you to complete your clients' tax return.

Tax Reporting Tools

Praemium has begun the process of reallocating tax components for ASX-listed trusts for this financial year. We are updating tax component information for each listed trust as it is received. If your clients' accounts held any listed trusts during the year their tax position will be considered final only after we receive and post their final tax components. We will keep you up to date on the process via a weekly System Message available when you log in. This weekly update will contain a spreadsheet that shows:

  • The name of each listed trust
  • When final tax components were updated last year
  • When updated, the date the trust was updated this year.  

Tax lot history
If you have transferred in securities during the tax year you must make sure that the tax lot history is updated. For instructions visit our knowledge base article on Updating the tax lots for adjustments or transfers in when the cost base is unknown

Tax reports
Tax reports can be produced any time. Visit Online Help for instructions on how to produce each of the available reports. Refer to our knowledge base article for information about the Tax Summary Report.

Tax Summary Guide

The Tax Summary Guide has been developed to assist you in preparing your clients' tax returns. The current Guide refers to the updated 2018 Tax Summary report, including a reference to the ATO tax return labels for individuals, trusts and self-managed super funds. Refer to Frequently asked questions about end of financial year processing.

Praemium SuperSMA

All the advantages of Praemium SMA, now in a retail superannuation environment.

Praemium will (by directing the Custodian of the managed investment scheme) hold any cash not required for settlements in the cash account with Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited, ABN 11 005 357 522. Praemium will not withdraw, or direct the Custodian to withdraw, funds from this account other than in accordance with your direction (including a standing instruction) or where necessary to meet your Minimum Cash Balance or where otherwise directed by a regulatory body or court order.

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